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Rat and Rats Control Chester

Rats are a real pest, they say when you are in a built up area, you are never 10 metres from one and when they get a whiff of waste, rubbish, leftover food they will be there in a flash.

Many of our local customers in Chester centre complain of having a rat pest problem and we have the experience and knowledge to professionally remove a rat infestation from your property.


What to do it you have a rat infestation?

The best thing to do is call us immediately so we can come and survey the area, if you have anything in the vicinity that you think may get damaged like wooden furniture that can be removed, remove them immediately. There is no point in trying to clean the affected area, it is best if you just get us to call round for us to use our pesticides formula to eradicate the rats from entering your premises again.

If the rats are in an area where food is easily found such as kitchens, back alley waste disposal sites or in a business where food is created, then try to seal off the food in larders, cupboards, fridges and freezers to keep the temptation for the rats to a minimum.


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