Pest Control Contracts

Seekers Pest & Property Services provide a holistic Pest Management Program, in accordance with good practice aimed at the prevention of pest infestations, not merely the treatment once an infestation has occurred. We believe our reputation is key to our success and we are committed to offering value for money to our customers so our reputation will continue to grow. Our focus is around….

  • Customer Service
  • Holistic Approach
  • Value for Money
  • Reputation

Our Approach

Our first task prior to the acceptance of a management program is to visit the site or sites subject to the program.

We will want to understand the site history, the production processes, the site layout, the management practices and the local environment to fully understand and appreciate pest risks and activity.

Successful pest management requires a partnership between our client and our service. We may recommend action or actions to be taken by our client to remove conditions conducive to the proliferation of pests or entry to the building.

Our initial assessment will lead to a pest management proposal focused around the exclusion, restriction and eradication of pests. The pest management program will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently as circumstances demand.

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