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Mouse Control Chester

The house mouse is the common pest in urban environments and in domestic premises, mice will head for anywhere where food is stored. They will also find safe areas to live and breed in airing cupboards, under floor spaces and any other similar undisturbed cavity. They will often travel through a property following pipe and electrical cables and can access a property through extremely small openings. It is often said that if you can get a pencil through a gap, that a mouse can fit through it!

Droppings from mice are similar to in size and shape to grains of rice and are the usual most evident indication of an infestation. Control is usually achieved using specialist rodenticides carefully placed to avoid causing problems to children and pets.

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What to do if you have a mouse infestation? You will need mouse Control Specialists now!

The best thing to do is call us immediately so we can come and survey the area, if you have anything in the vicinity that you think may get damaged like wooden furniture that can be removed, remove them immediately. There is no point in trying to clean the affected area, it is best if you just get us to call round for us to use our pesticides formula to eradicate the mice from entering your premises again.

If the mice are in an area where food is easily found such as kitchens, back alley waste disposal sites or in a business where food is created, then try to seal off the food in larders, cupboards, fridges and freezers to keep the temptation for the mice to a minimum.


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