Where the presence of birds is causing a nuisance, we can help with a range of range of different techniques and tools designed to harmlessly relocate them from a building or area. The technique applied will depend on the style of building, which birds are causing a problem and the owner’s own preference.. Seekers Pest and Property Services offers a free survey to West Cheshire and Wirral business and domestic customers to discuss your requirements.


A simple yet effective piece of bird proofing equipment. Bird netting involves the application of a mesh net that physically blocks birds from accessing an area.


Just like netting, bird spikes act as a physical barrier that prevents, for instance, pigeons from perching above common walk-through areas of your property. They are most useful on the front-facing side of a building where birds may cause a hazard to people.


Typically seen on window ledges or the edges of roofs, bird wire is an affordable and very common method of preventing birds from populating a building. The discrete quality of this technique (it’s difficult to spot from the ground) makes it a popular choice for image-conscious property owners.

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