Bio-Fogging Infection Control Services

With the present Covid-19 global pandemic, people are rightly concerned about the cleanliness of their workplaces and homes. Now more than ever, it is vitally important to be able to provide safe environments to live and work. Seekers Pest and Property Services can assist businesses and residents to reduce the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses, using a cost-effective disinfection technique known as bio-fogging.

Bio-fogging is an essential tool in infection control. The process we offer emits very fine droplets of a non-irritant disinfectant into the air as a mist which settles on all exposed surfaces killing harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present such as MRSA. C. Diff and Norovirus.

  • The process is relatively quick and can save many hours of labour using traditional deep-cleaning techniques. Treated rooms can be re-used in as little as 30 minutes after treatment. The Advanced Barrier Technology of the product not only provides rapid kill against Bacteria and Viruses, but provides a residual barrier onto the surface that continues to work for at least 30 days after the initial application.
    Organisations and premises which will benefit from bio-fogging include:
    Schools & Colleges
  • Care homes
  • Children’s Nurseries
  • Food premises
  • Sports facilities
  • Managed properties such as houses in multiple occupation
  • Dental practices
  • Private households

Bio-fogging produces a dry mist which leaves no film or residue so is completely safe and has no damaging effects to surfaces, soft-furnishings or equipment. The bio-fogging technique was initially designed to sterilise hospital theatres before and after surgeries where very expensive and sensitive equipment is used.

Bio-fogging is an extremely effective sterilisation method. Non-toxic bacterial killing biocides are used in the process to destroy viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria such as Influenza, MRSA, C.Difficile, Meningitis and Norovirus.

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